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Internet Security Statement

Security is the most critical segment of the State of Alabama network. The State of Alabama considers the security of our partners' and citizens' information critical. We handle online information with commitment to ensure a secure environment that can be trusted to fulfill all confidentiality requirements. Documented steps are taken to safeguard information according to established security standards and procedures and we continually assess the newest technology for protecting information.

Our server tracks statistical information (through the use of server logs and statistical software) to help agencies hosted on our servers analyze and monitor the use of their sites.

Sensitive information used in financial transactions, such as social security numbers, banking information and personal data is confidential and, therefore, is not stored in any database linked to this website. ISD is committed to ensuring our partners' and citizens' confidentiality through the use of state-of-the-art information security and the adoption of appropriate privacy policies and procedures.

Please refer to individual Alabama State Agency Web Sites for their Security Policies, which may differ from the one displayed here.

Standard 1210-00S3: Online Security Statement (PDF)

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